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12/? favourite pictures of Niall

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Niall backstage at Ed Sheeran’s concert(x)

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Title: UnknownLiam talks about recording (and Zayn joining him) during WWA film credits
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
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Liam: We’ve had this, like, recording van with us the whole time where I’ll just be sat ‘round afterwards, and just try to make a song in the recording room. Zayn comes in and joins then - we’re usually up till about 5 in the morning.
(from the end credits of the Where We Are Concert Film)

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RTÉ 2fm has teamed up with One Direction to offer their fans in Ireland the chance to get their hands on 2fm’s 1D Orange Ticket and win the prize of a lifetime. (x)

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Four Booklet

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@niallhoran: Tube selfie !

NARRY — Where We Are Tour [sa] [ire/uk] [eur] [na1] [na2]

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Favorite Narry Moments: 3/?

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harry during the where we are tour (insp)

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Louis during the Where We Are Tour (insp. x/x)

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steal my girl

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Oct. 11th, 2014 - Niall arrives at the X Factor studios in London, UK  [HQs]

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